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So what do I still have to do? Tons really. Some long term and some short term stuff.

She needs to have trim pieces put along the edges of the Cabin. The decks have all been replaced with fiberglass (which is OK in my mind) but the joint between the house and the deck is poor. I really need to fix it.

I need to rebuild the cockpit. Right now it is serviceable, but rough. The cockpit is where you spend all your time, so make the most of it.

Install inboard engine. I really want to get the outboard off the back. It spoils her lines, and puts stress on an area that wasn't designed to handle it.

Drop off the keel and replace all the floors and keel bolts. They are the original bolts, and they are shot. (At least I think they are)

Fix the leaks. This means partially refastening or Hardening many of the rivets in her.

I also need to chase down some iron sickness or rot in the wood keel. I'm not sure what it is, and I won't really know until I drop the cast iron keel.

Refinish the mast and boom. They desperately need some new varnish before they start to delaminate/rot.

Sister a couple of frames.

Make the varnish look good, and replace the Plexiglas in the ports.

Paint the decks. I'm thinking maybe a nice light blue.

Oh and tons of other stuff along the way.

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